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The inspiration for this amulet arrived whilst I was sat between the 9 ladies stone circle and 'The Healing Tree' on the full moon spring Equinox of 2022.
I was weaving an Earth offering portal made from the various sticks, leaves and objects that had called to me as I made my way there over the moors..
I was channelling wildly and giggling away as I went. I was suddenly aware of a couple Sat close by, looking at me gone out!
I though 'Wow, folk must think I am tripping my balls off..!!'
To my surprise, I recieved a response! A feminine energy replied,
'All of nature is a psychadelic, it just depends from which perspective you choose to view it.'
Well..true THAT! I was literally off my face on spring! The birds twittered and flittered through the branches in chase of prospective new mates. Tiny, fuzzy buds shone flourescent, emerald green on the trees. Giant black and orange flying pompoms zoooomed by. Catkins dangled in the breeze like tiny lamb tails. People played instruments and games whilst lounging in the delicious sunlight. Others sang and made offerings of flowers and inscence to the stones. As the sap rose in the trees, so did the spirits of everything and everyone. All of them-high on life!
It was in that very moment of deep appreciation that I looked up to discover a brief apparition of a goddess before me.! It was the one and only, as she told me, lady of new life and spirit of spring herself, Ostara!
I created this piece a few days after and as the form started to reveal itself, I knew she was indeed with me again. And so I giggled..again!
The spirits of the land and the seasons are alive and dwell within us all. It is also imbibed in this amulet. We are not apart from nature, we are A PART of nature. So, the extent we experience them, depends on what extent we choose to consciously connect with Mother Earth. This will be different for us all. So, how can you go a little deeper...? It can be as simple as stepping out your shoes and onto the Earth. After all, this is a fabulous season for a rebirth..!

With black onyx, tigerseye, Labradorite and Amethyst cabachons. Egg symbology of new life and the celtic symbol of Ostara. Charged under the 1st new moon of the astrological new year, 01.04.2022. Crystals have visited infinite sacred sites including Avebury stones, Wiltshire. Callanish stone circle, Isle of Lewis(On winter solstice!). Long Meg stone circle, Cumbria and many more..!!
Super charged with unique light code song activation. Includes light code inscription on the reverse of amulet.

Dimensions: 7cm × 5cm

Bee Happy Creations!

On adjustable, sliding knot cotton chord.

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