Hi, Im Amy Bee!

Imagine! Your purpose in life is to play..!!

Well, WELCOME to Amy Bee land, every day...!

Sat by the fire on a cold Samhain eve, I was channelled this message, it was so true, indeed!

'People have lost touch with their inner child, so run, Amy! Laugh! climb trees and be wild..!!'

I squealed with relief as this is ...

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Handcrafted Amulets


2 Reviews

I meet this beautiful lady a couple of years ago, she is both amazing and beautful, her work is exquisite and ive been lucky enough to have swopped some ...Read more

Apr 22, 2022
Suzanne Kearns

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INtuatively handcrafted YOUnque eARTh treaSUREs

Infinitely inspired by my Earthly escapades, every piece I create is unique! Weaving intricate, clay details using only my fingertips. Not carved, never moulded and no repeats, EVER! As far as possible, I use ethically sourced, hand selected …

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My Comissions

I do commissions! Though, these are considered on an individual basis. Commissions are, basically, a creative collaboration, so, weve gotta click!!

YOU have a vision, an intention, a dream. You were intuitively guided to me. Now, we combine our …

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