Events and Workshops

Events and Workshops

Events and Workshops

I love to share knowledge and get people reawakening to their inner child and innate creativity!!

Workshops have previously covered such shenanigans as:

Dreamcatcher creation! Opening up a discussion space to bring awarness to the dream realms. Sharing stories and tips on astral travel and connecting with alternate dimensions for guidance and healing. Utilising gifts from the Earth to weave wooden hoops, add adornments and imbibe the art with deep intentions for connecting with the sub-conscious. Events are tailored to suit all age groups and levels of awareness!

Headdresses! Using what nature gives us (with a few added extra sparkles!) to make a headdress worthy of any God or Goddess! A great way encourage fancy dress and freedom of expression at festivals!

Character play! Fancy dress is optional EVERYDAY! I bring bling and bravado to parties and events spaces everywhere by embodying all manner of personas from fluffy fairy dragon to puss cat pirate! This enables people to embrace authentic expression and FUN!

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