'Deep Seed Diving' Kindred Spirits Festival

'Deep Seed Diving' Kindred Spirits Festival

'Deep Seed Diving' Kindred Spirits Festival

Visit www.kindredspiritsfestival.co.uk for more info! 

Bought to you in crazy, creative conjunction with Andrew Hutchinson Somatics ..yessss...👊   


Imagine...you're a tiny seed! Here to explore this beautiful planet, and you arrived encoded with ALL that you will ever need! 

We come together now, as a collaborative tribe, to learn how to nurture this magic and thrive!

Combining somatic movement and meditation, dance and play, feel your soul and body in a whole new way! Through subtle yet powerful shifts in perspective, we will embrace our inner child, grow and go wild! 

Journeying through the elements and connecting deeply with Mother Earth, we will nudge gently at the edge of our boundaries to encourage a rebirth!

Exploring new ways of embracing authenticity and releasing inhibitions, we will leap closer to the full abundance of our life's great mission!

This workshop is interactive. We are a community, lets grow as one. Sharing together our tips and tricks, we'll discover new ways with which we click! 

 The joy is in the simplicity, you will only be REMEMBERING here what you were already born to do, through reawakening and evolving exciting powers and skills as we nurture our seeds to full bloom!

 Bring only yourselves, and leave with more of you..


About Amy Bee...

A world nomad,
A feral faerie.
I've followed my passion to my purpose,
I rechoose this path daily.

What questions do you ask to call in your vision?
How to refocus on life's divine mission?
Through dance, creativity, joy and play,
How can you shift your perception today?

We're here to have fun, adventure, explore!
I wish to inspire you to open that door.
I've sold my soul for minimum wage
Then I trusted deep intuition and embraced the change.

From humble beginnings up England's grim North,
I've devoted my life to rediscovering my worth.
I now live close to nature and listen with my heart.
Transmuting ancestral wisdom into tangible art.

Bee here now, whatever you're feeling.
See through the veil, Authenticity is revealing.
I'm a ritual rebel, ceremony and gratitude is key,
I look forward to you sharing space with me.

Amy Bee xxx

About Andrew...

It's about creating from a place of love. Doing something you know intimately and never get bored of. What is it you do that leaves others enthralled? We all have gifts being chanelled through us. Can we accept these and allow them through? It could be singing a song or baking a cake, what is it the Universe is calling you to create?

Like all of us, I'm on a journey. I lost touch with myself, became "dis-eased" and curled up into a ball. In desperation, I called out to my inner wisdom. In total surrender i was delivered this vision. From a place of contraction, almost devoid of life, it was time, once again, to expand. 

I asked what to do. I was guided to how communicating with the body revealed its innate intelligence. All I had to do was be there present with it, to listen and Learn.

 Using fun, interactive somatic movement and meditation, we can get back to the fun-damentals of our bodies and therefore embrace being fully human. By reconnecting with these virtual reality suits we call our bodies, we learn how to remove dis-ease and return to wellness.

 I now share the gift I was given to be the part of natures jigsaw she wants me to be. I believe we all inspire each other in this way and by sharing these gifts we all lead each other closer to home.


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