Hi, Im Amy Bee!

Hi, Im Amy Bee!

Imagine! Your purpose in life is to play..!!

Well, WELCOME to Amy Bee land, every day...!

Sat by the fire on a cold Samhain eve, I was channelled this message, it was so true, indeed!

'People have lost touch with their inner child, so run, Amy! Laugh! climb trees and be wild..!!'

I squealed with relief as this is truly my skill, and deep motivation fuelled my heart to fulfil..!

Stone circles, crop circles, forests and springs, the Earth Mother calls me and a new mission begins..!

I wing my way there in my green, trusty steed,

My van, P2D2, contains all that I need!

My 'divine creation station,' a bed and a brew,

We make haste to the land, to do what we do!

I dance with the flowers and play with the bugs, I go climb a tree and get me some hugs!

I laugh and I cry as she hold me for hours, reawakening to ancestral wisdom and our super human powers!

I sing to her, She has sent me the words, and I translate her emotions into light songs and verse.

She honours my commitment, gifting wood, stone and feathers,

Then the portals in my fingers weave intricate treasures!

Adore life, adorn life and wherever you go,

An energetic signature from the amulet will flow..!

Activating people, the Earth and YOU,

With purpose, protection, love, joy and truth!

What is it that sets YOUR soul on fire?

A YOUnique skill you were born to inspire?

I've slaved in the system, I've felt my heart break,

Yet I picked up the pieces and rode out the wake.

Turbulent waters and hurricane winds can destroy all around us...

But then, it begins..

From the rubble, fresh shoots awaken your being.

It's like you REMEMBER! You feel and start seeing.!

The road can be tough but you are enough!

What dreams can you polish to light from the rough?

The world, she awakens and you ARE here with a purpose.

Rise up, dear warrior, and know you are worth it..!

'Bee Happy Creations' is now ever in flex,

Creating Earth shrines one day and dream workshops the next..!

From horns, treasure jars, and magical potions, To dance meditations to connect with emotions!

Contact me for commissions or to find out more..

May your heart forever Bee an open door..

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