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INtuatively handcrafted YOUnque eARTh treaSUREs

Infinitely inspired by my Earthly escapades, every piece I create is unique! Weaving intricate, clay details using only my fingertips. Not carved, never moulded and no repeats, EVER! As far as possible, I use ethically sourced, hand selected crystals collected on my missions. Often, my pieces include feathers, stones, beach glass and bones. No living things are harmed in their harvesting, these are treasures gifted from the Earth and their spirit lives on through my art!

My Comissions

I do commissions! Though, these are considered on an individual basis. Commissions are, basically, a creative collaboration, so, weve gotta click!!

YOU have a vision, an intention, a dream. You were intuitively guided to me. Now, we combine our forces and transmute it into tangible form, together..!

EVERYTHING I create is a one off. With infinite inspiration flowing ever through me, repeats are impossible! (I actually tried to plagiarise my own work once just for the crack...yeah, NAH!)

I will work as closely as possible with your requests in relation to shape, size, crystals, symbology, intentions and any help or guidance you are calling in.

I create a held space from which to birth your YOUnique amulet. It will almost certainly be created on a sacred site or a magical spot in nature, being energised by the very lands that inspire me! I can do this, because I live offgrid my badass van, P2D2, and She contains my 'Divine Creation Station' and is a beautiful, boudoir of peace!

I'll pull ogham cards, read the runes, sing light language activations, perhaps even do it a dance..ha! Anything can and will happen, if I'm so called!

 Often, creation alligns with an astrological event. A conjunction, full moon, new moon, or, when I am suddenly called to bring it through! Basically, in divine timing! Please be aware that producing bespoke, handmade pieces in this way, along with my other commitments, cannot happen overnight and usually requires a non-returnable deposit. So, try to provide as much notice as possible and please get intouch if you have specific dates you wish me to work with! Know that it takes time to create something precious! Thank you!

Ultimately, I am a conduit for creation, an open channel securely held for you. What the end product will look like, I can never tell, but I'm often giggling in glee at what magic flows from my fingertips..! Please bear this in mind when choosing me. I cannot predict an end result, but, if you resonate with my style, know will be exactly as the creative and ancestral energies I call on intended it to bee...

This is seldom the end, tho..! They often want to take part in Earth activation ceremonies or will call me to energise them at sacred sites before they continue their mission with you, arriving fully charged and ready to vibe their epic energy signature out to all you encounter..!

 I have previously produced pieces for people from all walks of life. These have included Medieval wedding jewellery, birthdays, funerals, shamanic tools, spiritual ceremonies and amulets for many occasions, ranging from increased fertility to exam success..!

You are a truly magical being, helping alchemise a feeling or a vision into being! Thank you, fellow lover of the Earth Mother.

 I trust you and your amulet will journey well together. Adore life, adorn life, AND BEE HAPPY CREATIONS!!

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