As far as possible, I use ethically sourced, hand selected crystals collected on my travels.
Often, my pieces include feathers, stones, beach glass and bones. No living things are harmed in their harvesting, these are goodies gifted from Gaia! I am intuitively guided what to take. The Earth mother knows my mission, and gifts me tiny treasures to include, along with the creative visions! These, along with deepest intentions, add to the unique design and energy signature imbibed into every amulet!

 I use an air drying, waterproof epoxy putty to create the designs. Requiring no heat to set the clay means I can use all manner of materials without them being affected. Each, tiny, intricate detail is individually moulded by my fingertips. Not carved, NEVER moulded and, with infinite inspiration from the universe, NO repeats, EVER..!

 The process can be quite intense, but I love getting lost in the zone..!! Observing how practical my mind can be as it works out the technicalities of constructing every new piece from scratch! And I'm so often giggling as I go, in awe of divine, inspirational downloads, that are then translated by my finger tips!

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